Jan 8: Comfortably Numb


I have good teeth. I’ve only had one cavity and it was so small the Dr. didnt find it. I did! Well, it seems that the filling caused part of that tooth to break yesterday. That meant a trip to the dentist today. After a good cleaning, they filled the space with some stuff they called core buildup. Normally, they would add a temporary crown. In my case, it is going to be a month before I can get back. So we are waiting until then to do the temporary crown and take impressions for the real deal. That means at least 3 more visits to Convenient Family Dentistry in my near future.

I managed to get this picture because it took 2 tries to fill the space correctly. I have learned over the years that’s just how most medical things go with me. Something always causes a “do over” to be called. Well this was no exception. In between times, I asked the dental assistant to snap a picture of me with that implement in my mouth. They both sorta looked at me like I was crazy, but she did it!

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