Jan 13: Eat Some BBQ – Robert Earle Keene


When I’m in Memphis, I like to go to Corky’s barbecue one evening for dinner. Tonight was the night. Pulled pork sandwich topped with cole slaw is my meal of choice with banana creme pie to go. Mmmmmm

Today was a great day. I’m starting to feel better which is a good thing. But better than that, I was really inspired by these caring teachers in Memphis City Schools. I worked with four fabulous groups of teachers today! (they’ve really been great everyday!)

I did have one of those super days today where I saw a change happen before my eyes. I had a guy in one of my sessions introduce himself by saying he thought what I was going to train him on was useless and a waste of time. (I get that every now and then.) After our very short hour together, he actually apologized and said I was right when I said he might not have tried to like our tool. He found the value now and he actually hugged me. That is really my picture for today, but it will have to remain only in my mind. That’s OK though; I won’t soon forget that moment. It isn’t even that I changed his mind so much as he was in the end willing to say he was wrong. So often we don’t do that and it can hurt our students. I had a blessed day.

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