Jan 15: Burning Love


I’m leaving the land of Elvis. This mosaic is in the Memphis airport where I have spent the last several hours. I had some dinner and bought 2 books.

Earlier today, I taught an elementary school student how to use her hands to do her nines times tables. I got to see the light come on for a kid again. Wow! What a high!!!! 2nd best part was watching a teacher see me do it and practice. I taught a student and a teacher a new strategy today.

For those curious, hold both hands out in front of you, palms down. Number your fingers from left to right 1-10. If the fact is 9 times 4, bend finger 4 (index of left hand). This leaves 3 fingers to the left of the bend and 6 to the right… making 36! This works for all the nines times tables.

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