Feb 7: Tools of the Trade


Before “the big game”, I did a bit of Krogering. The ads for next week don’t look promising, so I thought I should take advantage of this week’s sale while the gettin’ was good. I’ve been trying two different organization strategies for my coupons. The typical method of cutting and placing in the binder was taking more time than I wanted, so I was trying the keep inserts intact and hole-punched method.
Since I spend time just poking around the store looking for stuff on an unadvertised sale that I can get for nearly free, this “no clipping” method can be frustrating! “I know I saw a coupon for _____. Which insert was it in?” gets old pretty quick.
Today, I spent $30.31 and “saved” $83.83. I came home and started clipping. Since I don’t predict any coupon shopping or travel this week, I will try to get caught up in the evenings with organizing coupons.

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