Feb 13: Saturday with my Sweetheart


Well, apparently I don’t always like to be bound by the song title thing. So it’s my blog and I’ll title the posts however I want!

I had a big day outside of the house today. We went to the Starlite Diner. It has been around for many years and is a bit of an icon apparently. It was a diner, with diner food. It was good, but we learned the waitress has never had a burger from Texas when she claimed “the Starlite has the best burgers anywhere.” We tried them. Clearly, she’s never had a burger from Chris Madrid’s or Willie’s, or even Sam’s Burger Joint.
After the Starlite, we headed to the Flint Farmer’s Market where we bought cheese, milk, bagels, eggs, potatoes, and a spaghetti squash. We went to Petsmart and bought some toys for Bexar, and then to Kohl’s. Before we went home, we also stopped off at Home Depot for some paint. We’re starting to tackle the downstairs.

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