April 10: Morel Mushroom Hunting


We headed out this afternoon to do some morel mushroom hunting. I’ve never been mushroom hunting before, so it was quite the experience. It seems that we are really early in the season, but we did experience success thanks to new friends Tom and Teresa. Tom led us to an area that he knew would have morels and we found enough for a nice snack. I fried ’em up with some butter for about 5 minutes and after 1 taste understood why these things sell for hundreds of dollars a pound dried. Great day in the morning they are good and fun to hunt! We’ll be heading out for the next several weekends I’d imagine. Yummy 🙂

One thought on “April 10: Morel Mushroom Hunting

  1. You are really getting out and about. First geocaching and now mushroom hunting. I did a geocaching workshop yesterday at 1DP and want to thank you for your picture of what we were looking for. Although it gave me reference to size, none of the people in my group found the cache before lunchtime.

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