April 11: Auf Weidersehen mein Freund


My bff called today to tell me that my old camping buddy and friend, Pa Wood passed away last month. He was 94 years old. I haven’t seen Pa since I divorced except one time. I told Bill today that I lost Ma and Pa Wood in the settlement. I loved them both deeply. I have to admit that times spent with them were the best days of my mostly unhappy marriage. We camped, played Chicken Foot (Dominoes), listened to his many tales, and learned to play Sequence. He and Ma learned to play “that game” wintering in Florida. They came home with a hand made game board and taught us to play. They really were great friends.
Ma taught me how to make chicken and dumplings. She died several years ago. I have such fond memories of camping with them. Pa taught me the only German that I know, which isn’t much. Goodbye my friend.

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