May 21: "home"


There will be several photos with this one.

I remember that first trip back to SC after I moved to NH. As the plane was landing in Columbia, I had this feeling of panic. “This isn’t home anymore. I don’t belong here” ran through my mind.
Today, I made my first trip back to New Hampshire since moving in 2005. As the plane was approaching Boston, I kept thinking, “I’m home!” Truth be told, home is anywhere William is. I am blessed that way. I loved San Antonio the last year we lived there, but the place that was most home for me was that barn in NH.
I saw old friends at MP today… Donna, Merri, Amanda, Eric, Paul, and myjoefisch. I also got to know his love, Zulma better. They are beautiful together. I love her spirit.
We went to Portsmouth for dinner at The Friendly Toast and walked up to Market Square. I saw the store that Bill and I bought our rings in and remembered us committing to wear them. I missed mysweetwilliam, and without him here…it still isn’t really home.

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