May 29: A Boy and His Dog


When we woke up this morning, we helped big Bexar into the bed with us. Bexar curled up with his head on mysweetwilliam’s arm so I snapped a quick pic.
Later this afternoon, we were hanging out with our friend Brad who wants to build some sort of ramp to help Bexar on and off the boat. We said it wasn’t necessary, he’s good at getting on and off the boat. Less than half an hour later, big Bexar decided to get off the boat to be with his dad. Next thing we know there’s a splash! He fell in between the boat and the dock into the water. Before I could even get close, Bill was there handing me his phone and shoes. He jumped into the cold water to rescue our silly puppy who was hanging on to the sea wall for dear life.
Upon getting back on dry land, Bexar coated himself with sand and ran around with great happiness.

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