June 4: Dakotalicious (take two)


When Bill and I met in NH, Jarred was 14. His best friend in this world was Cody. We moved to TX, and the boys moved on with their lives. Their bond remains deep though even if time and space separate.
Cody is in the Air Force. He is stationed in Rapid City, SD. After I finished with my meetings today, I was able to spend some time with the only person in this world who has ever called me Momma. To Cody, I am his Momma P. Today I got to be the support my momma was to me when I was a financially struggling young adult. I took Cody and his housemates Johni and Pat to stock up on groceries. They resisted the gift initially, but eventually gave in and loaded the buggy up with pasta, canned veggies, frozen pizza, and toiletries. I’m not sure who enjoyed the outing more. Those boys sure were appreciative, but I still think they may have given me more joy than canned spinach could ever bring.
Cody Krunkk, Johni Drama, and PatPat, I adore you all. Love, your Momma P

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