June 19: How Does Your Garden Grow?


I had some choices of things to do today. I could have gone down to Detroit and set up the Discovery Ed booth for the National Conference on Student Assessment or stay home and dig 12 holes for the creeping phlox, salvia, coreopsis, and white flower that I forget its name. I chose to dig holes. I’m happy right now that I stayed home, but tomorrow when I am setting up the booth instead of listening to Arne Duncan, I’ll probably regret it. Oh well.
In addition to planting, I gathered up these slate type rocks that Grandpa Dring had scattered about and built this border around my herb garden. I like finding uses for the things he had whenever I can. It always makes me feel like I am honoring him in some way. I’m sure he’d think pulling up all that concrete was silly. Being weedless was important to him. So when I can, I try to make it up to him by repurposing.

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