June 22: Come Monday


I have to travel sometimes more than I’d like. Early in my relationship with Bill, I began to appreciate the beauty of Jimmy Buffett’s “Come Monday”. It still tears me up, and I cling to the lyrics when we are apart.
Tonight, we are spending our last night apart for a little while at least. Mysweetwilliam will be coming home from his pirate reunion in VT, and I’ll be done with NCSA.
Jimmy Buffett was in town tonight. Since mysweetwilliam isn’t here and my JZ happens to be, she joined me. I got to see cousin Charlie, and a friend that I haven’t seen since high school, Mitzi. (remind me to get together with her again soon)
Charlie hooked me up with the usual amazing seats. (4th row, center- which actually translates to about row 10 when you add the temporary seats.)
Joyce and I managed to take back roads and get to the show on time. A dirt road was actually required to avoid a 12 mile an hour ride.
As the show started I became suspicious of someone back stage. I didn’t say anything, but thought we may have an invited guest join the show at some point. Sure enough, Brett Michaels walked on stage to do “Margaritaville” with the band.

In addition to the video, here’s a photo of JZ and me, and a pic of Brett Michaels on stage with Jimmy Buffett.

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