Aug 20: Maiden Voyage


This afternoon, we loaded up the Bullet and headed north. We’re at the Oscoda, KOA. It is about 15 minutes north of Tawas where the boat is. The drive up was without incident. We stopped in Pinconning for cheese. We realized that the little store we like didn’t have a bathroom and we both needed to use one to enjoy the next hour before reaching Oscoda. Then it came to me, the first major benefit to hauling a camper! We went inside, used the bathroom, and ate our snack before continuing north.
So, here were are in Oscoda. We have a fabulous site. It’s a corner lot and relatively quiet given the millions if children nearby. We aren’t on the water; it’s a land locked campground.
We made hotdogs over the fire, pork n beans, potato chips, cole slaw, and potato salad. The buns were New England style. It was a perfect meal. Well, it was almost perfect. Banana Moon Pies (Little Debbie brand) would have made it perfect. That was a camping food when I was a kid! Momma never ate them unless we were camping. Neither do I. So, it’s been a while. I may need to pick some up tomorrow.
We’re set up and enjoying the night!

Oscoda KOA
Nightly rate $31
pull through, wooded lot
water, electric, wif
firepit, picnic table


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