Aug 21: Camping in the rain


There was rain on and off today. We started the morning with pancakes. Oscoda KOA has a pancake breakfast every Saturday morning (all you can eat pancakes, sausage, and coffee/juice for $4.50.) After breakfast, William tried out the shower in the camper. We aren’t really sure what 30 gallons of gray water capacity translates into showers, dishes, and tooth brushings. I’ll stick to the bath house until I know more.
We headed to Tawas to the boat. We picked up a couple of things we left behind in our hasty departure in the middle of the night. While in Tawas, we picked up a thermacell mosquito contraption to combat the evil blood suckers that taunt me for sport. My feet are covered in bites. The thermacell and spray are keeping the majority away tonight.
On Saturdays, the KOA also does a hay ride. We went on the 6pm ride. It drizzled off and on, but was still great fun.
So, now we’re back hanging out under the chili pepper lights.

2 thoughts on “Aug 21: Camping in the rain

  1. OMG- Not chili pepper lanterns…. Now I know what to get you for Christmas! I’ll see if I can find you a spiffy pink flamingo or one of those nice palmetto trees we see around…….. Hugs…

  2. Oh, we love our chili pepper lights. We bought them when we still lived in San Antonio in preparation for our camping adventure.

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