Aug 24: Media in the Classroom


We have been watching the John Adams series that HBO did in 2008. We started watching it on HBO, but didn’t finish for one reason or another. So, thanks to Netflix, we’re watching the episodes marathon style. (I love a marathon of almost anything.)

Well, tonight it hit me… this is what digital media is like in the classroom. I have almost no memory of any history lesson ever “taught” to me in school. I don’t even remember who taught me US History. Whatever methods were used to teach me history were NOT effective. I have watched the first 5 episodes of this series, and cannot wait to learn more. Because I have been watching this compelling story, I ventured out to learn on my own about John and Abigail Adams’ children. This is one of the things teachers want to instill in their students, this desire to learn more. Digital media did that for me in a way that a textbook or lecture could not. I wonder if there are places where teachers have suggested viewing lists in addition to required reading lists for summer. Even if HBO took some liberties with the characters that history teachers may disagree with, it probably can’t be worse than the Texas BOE version of history that’s soon to be in an outdated textbook in a public school near you. <wink>


Technically snagging a picture off of Netflix doesn’t really count as a photo of the day. But hey, it is my blog and I’ll borrow if I want to (or until the copyright police come and take me away.)


One thought on “Aug 24: Media in the Classroom

  1. the only history classes i remember were the teacher having us read silently from the textbook, and then pick someone to read that section out loud. what i remember about that is that it was so monumentally boring that i don’t remember a single detail about WHAT i read/heard. teachers need to do way more than read the text to us. way more.

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