Aug 30: After the Cache


My daddy is 80 years old. He is still so full of life, though. (Momma is sleeping so good right now it is making it hard to concentrate, btw. She has just the sweetest little snore.)
Anyhoo, yesterday I was showing Daddy the geocoins we made for DEN Geocaching Day and explaining the whole thing to him. He was fascinated. The first thing he asked was if he could keep one of the coins since I designed them. I asked what he was going to do with it. He said that my brother uses a poker chip as a ball marker and that he wanted to use the geocoin. (awwwwwww, right? I KNOW!)
So he kept asking questions and I showed him my iPhone app. We discovered that there was a pretty easy cache not too far from the hospital. After dinner with Momma and a walk around the building, Daddy and I set off for our adventure. You should have seen him out there looking. I found the cache first, but kept moving so he could find it on his own. Here were are “After the Cache”.

One thought on “Aug 30: After the Cache

  1. Your dad looks exactly as I remember. Glad you two are making memories! I still remember you making me hide behind the curtains when we were there so he could find us. (smiles) Give my love to momma and daddy!

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