Sept 12: Long Receipts


I took a break from coupon craziness for several months, but hopped back on board today. I hadn’t completely given it up, but wasn’t playing the game like I used to. Here’s tonight’s receipt. 59 items for $79.62 (before tax). That’s a per item average of $1.35. I love when it is less than $1 per item, but there were 4 bags of Purina One pet food in that total. So without that the average was less than $1 per item.
Some outstanding deals:
6 bottles Nesquick chocolate milk- free
2 boxes Quaker instant oatmeal- free
4 HUGE boxes of Cheerios, 1 gallon of skim milk and a gallon of chocolate milk- $10
3 cans Hunts diced tomatoes- $.97
6 double boxes Hamburger Helper lasagna- $2.44 (that’s not each!)

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