10/10/10: Sunday Showers


I hosted a baby shower for the first time today. Bill’s sister, Missi is expecting Cadence to arrive in November. With the help of mysweetwilliam, sisters Janet and Melinda, and Mom Anderson, I think we managed to pull off a pretty good day. About 25 people were here at the Ring Dring Ranch. Thankfully we are in the middle of an Indian Summer, so folks could venture out to the back patio to spread out a bit.
I love having nieces and nephews visit for short periods of time. Vanessa, Chloe, and Connor were here today and were precious. We read Rose’s Garden together, explored the basement, snuck Popsicles out of the freezer, and planned rooms for them to enjoy on future visits. Chloe got “bitten” by one of the cacti. She was so sweet and patient, and didn’t cry at all. She did say before she left that when we make a room for her she doesn’t want a cactus in it, but does want Barbie dolls.
Connor wore a mustache all day and was cute as pie. We played a little game of peekaboo behind a tree trunk. Just adorable.

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