Nov 26: Shopping


Last year I froze what little behind that I have off at the Birch Run outlets’ midnight madness all night shopping event. This year, because I’d like to keep what remains of my behind, I decided to wait until morning to shop.
William and I left the house around 6:30. We didn’t have anything in particular we HAD to buy, but wanted to take in the fun. Our first stop, after Sonic was Office Max. We got a 1TB external hard drive for $50 and two 4gb thumb drives for $6 each.
We picked up a few things at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. We had free lattes at Borders and bought Elf on DVD. I bought it on iTunes last year, but still like to see it in all of its big screen beauty.
I went into Michaels for some wreath making supplies while Bill went to Gander Mountain.
Around 10:00 we made our way to the mall, still not looking for anything specific.
I love shopping online for all the gifts and shopping for ourselves on Black Friday 🙂

We met Jessi-Cola for sushi at lunch. It was a great day.

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