Dec 12: The Not So Redneck "Redneck Party"

Last night, we went to Shelly and Denise’s “Redneck Party”.


Absolutely no person was dressed or really behaved like a redneck, except for the predictable alcohol + concealed weapons permit gun display.

There was something that happened that was absolutely unpredictable, or at least unexpected by mysweetwilliam and me. While the 40+ year olds were singing karaoke (poorly, but having a great time), the youngsters made their way to the music room and began singing and playing the piano. Bill and I found ourselves drawn to that room.

We found a very talented yound musician, Jordan Sovis playing the piano and singing. After he played a couple of songs, he said that his music was available on iTunes. I downloaded the album right then and there (after confirming that he does get $ for my purchase!)

Here’s a video he has for one of the songs on his album. If you like it like I’m sure you will, spend the $6 to support a young artist.


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