Dec 27: A Visit with Friends


Bill went off sledding with the family today while I stayed home to take care of a few odds and ends. About 10 minutes after he drove off in our only vehicle, long-time friends Steve and Darcy from Newberry send a message on Facebook saying they’d be in Frankenmuth in half an hour. I was crushed because I had actually thought earlier of dropping Bill off so I could keep the car, but could think of no reason I’d actually require the car.
Steve and Darcy were literally 1 exit away from Hill Rd when I called them. I begged them to stop by on the way back, and they did.
Steve and I met when I was teaching in Newberry. He’s really sorta responsible for encouraging my use of technology in the classroom. He was the director of tech for our district. He talked about stuff I still don’t understand. I was eager to learn and was a bit of a groupie. He actually found my first computer for me: a Compaq 386 with a 210mb hard drive!
Soon I met Darcy… One of the kindest most genuine people I have ever met. I’ve never heard her say an unkind word, and her smile brightens a room. She teaches, and I know she makes a difference in the lives of kids.
I simply adore these people! I’m so thankful they stopped by today. I hope when the weather warms, Bill and I will be able to go camp in SC and that they’ll be able to meet us.
It’s nice to get unexpected visits from old friends.

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