Dec 29: Operator Error


It’s tough to admit, but Comcast made a house call because we’re idiots. Sometime yesterday, our HD reception just disappeared. The channels were there, just not in HD. Bill spent quite some time chatting with customer support. They sent reset signals and finally decided to send a tech. He arrived at 4pm and had solved the problem by 4:03. It seems that in addition to the HDMI cables, a traditional cable was still attached to the TV. When I finished watching Elf for the umpteenth time yesterday, I hit input on the remote. When the TV turned on, I stopped… Not even thinking that I should keep going until HDMI was selected. In my defense, had that extra cable not been attached, the TV would not have shown up.
So, although we are sometimes quick to slam our cable company. Today I am thankful for a kind Comcast technician who didn’t laugh until he was back in his van.

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