Dec 31: Beginnings


Andrew and Ashleigh’s wedding was today and basically took up all day. We left the house at 10:30am and made it home just before 1:30am. Janet and Dave, along with Ashleigh’s family pulled off an amazing event in a short amount of time on a tight budget. Andrew and Ashleigh are a beautiful couple with a lifetime of love in front of them. Andrew has a couple weeks of Air Force tech school before he and Ashleigh will be stationed at Warner Robbins AFB in GA. That’s where Paul and Jessi live, and where Jarred plans to live later this year.
So, today may have been the end of the year, but it was a beginning for two of my favorite people.

On another note… This is the last post of this 365 day challenge. I actually stuck with a journal project for a full year!!!!

Starting tomorrow, you’ll want to go to or just wait for the posts to show up on Twitter and Facebook.

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