Jan. 1, 2011: Resolutions

I’ve never been much for making New Year’s resolutions. Last year, I thought I’d resolve to post a photo a day everyday for a year as part of a 365 day challenge. For once, I was successful at following through with my first of the year efforts. I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to keep the journal going. I can’t promise that each post will have a photo. That is one thing I decided I’d like to change. I’m just going to post each day. If I have done nothing photo-worthy, I’m not going to force a photo. I am going to continue to journal and post pics for sure though. By not forcing a photo, I hope that the quality of posts will improve.

Having experienced some success, I think I’ll try a couple of other things this year.

metal type number 2 number 1 number 1

Here are my resolutions:

  1. Continue to journal daily
  2. Drink some water daily (I really hate water.)
  3. Take my vitamins (I want to grow old with mysweetwilliam.)
  4. Use less profanity
  5. Use more recipes

Today, I already used a recipe… well not a new recipe, but one that I’m pleased to share. I make some variety of this black-eyed pea dip each New Year’s day.  I got the recipe from Central Market in San Antonio, and have added my own flair over the years. It is always a crowd pleaser. Here’s the link: http://wegottaeat.com/ppalmer21/recipes/blackeyed-pea-dip

While I’m sharing links… that cool 2011 graphic is created using Spell with flickr. It’s a nifty little tool and simple to use.


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