Feb. 1, 2011: A Fantastic Day

Except for the fact that I am away from mysweetwilliam, this has been an awesome day. I spent the day with my DEN family in-person at the pre-conference and virtually through the live stream I was managing today. It’s always nice to spend time learning the great things these creative teachers are doing for our kids. A little before lunch, I had a moment to step out of the room. I walked out the door and nearly ran into my dear friend Paul Fiscarelli. I think I almost tackled him I hugged him so hard. I had not expected to see him here! Paul was one of the best friends I had in NH. He had the coolest house right in the middle of Strawberry Banke. We’d hang out in the pubs around Portsmouth, listen to music, play pool, talk about “the list” and other non essential topics. We laughed together. I will never forget the impromtu middle of the night hot dog eating contest!

Paul introduced me to The Tragically Hip and Coldplay. He taught me to play cut throat. Basically, Paul was a great friend. He was there for me when I was in a new town with no friends. For that I am forever grateful.

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