March 11, 2011: Aquatic Adventures


We started our SCUBA lessons this week. Tonight was the first night in the pool. We practiced a lot of things that we might need to be able to do. I know how to clear a flooded mask without coming up. I know how to find my mouthpiece (regulator) if somebody slaps it off my face LAAH. I know how to get water out of my mouth too if I get a mouthful. I also verified what I already knew… fat floats.
My favorite part of the lesson was when Bill and I had to practice sharing air. We really nailed that exercise. Having a diving buddy is one thing. Having that buddy be your partner is totally another.
I wanted to take a pic of us in our gear for the first time. Unfortunately, the gear is quite cumbersome and we are very uncoordinated in handling it. So, this must do for now.

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