April 13, 2011: Hair Piece

I found this picture last night… This is what I looked like the night I met mysweetwilliam. This isn’t actually that night, but sometime shortly thereafter. I was wearing this same outfit AND stylish hairpiece the night we met.


For those of you who do not know the story…

In Dec. 2003, I was in Chicago to present at TASH. It was my first time in Chicago, not counting the airport. I had a fabulous dinner and bought an amazing coat the night I arrived. The next day, I presented and had to cut my trip short because of being a program manager. (I learned that in some cases, program managers don’t really manage, they have to develop, implement, and beg people in other groups to actually do their jobs to support the project.) I came home to help people ship boxes.

I’m not the social butterfly most believe, but since I was home early, my friend Bobbie talked me into going to the Toys for Tots thing at Red Hook Brewery where her boyfriend at the time was playing drums in the band Pondering Judd. They were trying to hook me up with one of band members. The show ends, and I’m pretty much ready to go home and want to donate this toy that I brought so I can leave. I walk up to the guy from the radio station that was hosting the event to ask where to take my donation. He, as a good host, attempted to have polite conversation. First he asked, “What part of Texas are you from?” To which I was immediately turned off and contritely replied “I’m not.” He is so much nicer than I am and asked where I was from. I told him “SC” (still a bit miffed) and he told me that his grandfather lived there. That calmed my rage a bit. Then before I left, he complimented my new coat. We both thought that was it.

What I lack social skills, I do make up for in random acts of kindness. Bill has beautiful eyes. They are as blue as a robin’s egg. I just thought he should know that I thought so. I asked Drummer Danny who the radio dude was and sent him an email that told him I thought his eyes were beautiful. I really was just doing a random act of kindness. I was not flirting in anyway. I mean that.

That’s how it began.



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