June 6, 2011: Diver Down

We did our open water dives this weekend at Gilboa Quarry just outside of Findlay, OH. We took the camper down on Friday, and spent the weekend right there at the quarry. To get our certification, we had to complete 4 dives and do a variety of skills including the dreaded mask replacement skill. It took me 4 tries to do it. Apparently I really like to breathe through my nose. I knew this skill was going to be my only challenge. So I stressed several days before we went, and felt like I was going to die the whole time we were there. On Saturday after the dives, I managed to force down half a bologna sandwich. I could not eat at all Sunday until we were done for fear that I would spew. Mask removal is the last skill on the last dive. I tried it twice on dive 3 though because my instructor knew I was going to need support. I should have done it on dive 1 so I could have enjoyed myself.

This photo was actually taken between dives 3 and 4. I am about to go in and do the mask removal/replacement. I know I don’t look afraid. I was trying to be a good sport.

Because Bill and I also did a Peak Performance Buoyancy class, we got to do a third dive yesterday, making our total dives for the weekend 5. The last dive was all just swimming about. I enjoyed it the most.


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