August 13, 2011: Happy Cow Cheese


If I ever were to hold a “Will work for…” sign, mine would end with the word “cheese”.
No cheese makes me happier than hard to acquire cheese like Graskaas. This cheese is made from the first milk of the spring, after the cows graze for the first time on the tenderest of grasses. They are happy and that makes their cheese more tasty. I’m not even kidding.
We discovered Graskaas in San Antonio at that magical wonderland known as Central Market. When we moved to this area, we were certain our Graskaas days were done. We found a cheese vendor at the Flint Farmers Market. He’d never heard of Graskaas, but apparently listened as we went on and on about happy cows and their cheese. Today, we went to the market to see the cheese man and other folks like the egg man and the squash people. Cheese man had Graskaas. Now, we have Graskaas. Happy cows make happy cheese, that makes a happy me.

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