Unexpected Gifts


Missi, Phil, and the kids (Chloe, Connor, & Cadence) stopped by for a visit tonight. It was an unexpected gift at a time when we needed it.
We love Missi and Phil. Spending time with them is always fun. They also have some pretty terrific kids. Uncle Bill and I are always left talking about the kind thing Chloe or Connor said or did. Tonight, it was how well they shared, how Chloe recorded Songify messages about how much she loves Connor, and that moment before leaving when Connor wanted to say goodbye to Grandpa Dave (who was already sleeping.)
This picture is of Cadence and Connor playing the mini game “Whack a Zombie” in Plants vs. Zombies. Cady is one, and has never really seen an iPad much before. She knew exactly how to make it work. A few minutes later, she managed to play a song in iTunes on my phone. It is remarkable how natural it is for someone so young.
I look forward to more frequent visits with the Murray clan. They bring us great joy.

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