The Load Out


Poor Grandpa Dave (Bill’s dad). He’s really just suffering at this point. It’s all too horrible to even share details. Anybody else as sick as he is, would just take to the bed. He unfortunately can’t sit still more than a few minutes at a time. Add to that the trip outside to smoke every 10 minutes and you have a perfect fall scenario. He fell this morning. I don’t think the fall injured him, but he was just more than the two of us could manage. We got him up, but could tell things were getting critical.
An ambulance came and took him to the hospital where he remains.
It feels a lot like the end of the road is near, but he has this way of rebounding after a hospital stay stops the chain smoking for a day or so.
A few times today, Grandpa Dave was exceptionally sweet to me. I’m going to try to remember those moments.
1. He wanted to kiss my hand when I was holding his.
2. He said, “Miss Porter reads my mind”
3. He said, “I didn’t want Miss Porter to find me, because she makes me do.”

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