Two Places at the Same Time


Ever feel like you really needed to be two places at the same time? I thought I had it all under control. It isn’t in my nature to let folks down at work. Work is what I do well. I like being the dependable one.
With Bill’s dad so very ill, I headed out to Silver Spring this morning. The trip continued to Halifax, Nova Scotia for the latter part of the week.
I landed in DC and got a text that Grandpa Dave was being moved to the Hospice house. I thought I was prepared to just keep working. Apparently I wasn’t. The thought of leaving William to deal with the impending death with me gone was more than I could take and I crumbled right there in Reagan National Airport. Now, I’m en route back to Flint. I know that is where I should be, but I can’t help but feel significant anguish about letting my colleagues down. I’m missing a great learning opportunity tomorrow, and leaving my team shorthanded in Halifax on Tuesday and Wednesday.

One last thing, I’d like to give a shout out to Delta. They put me on flights to get me back home, waved change fees, and gave me a significant credit back.

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