In the Wee Small Hours


Bill’s dad, Grandpa Dave, fought his last round last night. Like the warrior he saw himself to be, he fought death until his last breath. It was a war waged against a combatant he could not defeat this time, but it did not stop him from trying.
After days of trying to find the right combination of meds to bring him comfort from pain and anxiety, in the end he left this life peacefully surrounded with love.
He passed at 3am. Shortly thereafter, the stories of good memories began. Sayings like “Screamin’ Demons” and”Hooter-Dooters” along with stories of his (mis)adventures were shared.
If the spirit lingers in a room, he had to feel great peace hearing his family share their good memories. That must be what heaven is like.
This photo was taken once most of the family had left. We were waiting for the funeral home folks to arrive.
We’re back home now, struggling more than either of us anticipated. We both thought we were prepared, but it seems that just isn’t the case.

4 thoughts on “In the Wee Small Hours

  1. What a lovely tribute and memories. The fact that you quickly turned to those stories speaks volumes about his life and the relationship he had with everyone. No matter, any loss of a loved one is sad and difficult. Glad you have family around to support you all and will be keeping you in my thoughts are prayers. All the best, see you soon.

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