5/23/12 Garden Journal


Did some more planting on 5/20

First, I pulled up the regular peas. There were so few that the yield wouldn’t really be worth the space. In their place, we planted 4 pickle cucumbers.

The middle bed is devoted to peppers and tomatoes. We planted 6 sweet red peppers and 4 jalape??os. For tomatoes, we have:
1 tomatillo
1 yellow cherry
1 cherry 100
1 pineapple beefsteak
1 beefsteak
1 better boy

In the third bed, there are the 8 square feet of potatoes. We added 4 squash and 4 zucchini plants. I expect this bed to be extremely over crowded. We really only had room for maybe 1 of each, but I’m real greedy about my squash and zucchini. I think they will grow fine. I suppose we’ll see what happens.

I also planted quite a bit of basil in some containers. I love basil.

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