Garden Journal: Cabbage Worms


After a few days away, I came home to a full on cabbage worm attack. I relocated 3 of them today and accidentally killed one. I am struggling with my new role as creature killer. They are just hungry little beings trying to stay alive. I had not anticipated this part of gardening. I don’t like the murder. I do like cabbage though.

Apparently, white flour sprinkled on the cabbage is an organic way to take care of cabbage worms. Tonight, I have become a mass murderer. I spread flour on the cabbage. I read that they eat the flour, become bloated, and die. Three minutes after I sprinkled the flour, I regretted it. I hope their isn’t carnage of exploded little green worms in the morning. Next year, we’ll use screens if we plant cabbage. I need preventative measures, not pesticides. My heart just can’t take the guilt.

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