Garden Journal 6/22/12


Cabbage worms – 8
Me – 0

This being our first garden, I knew there would be lessons learned. We won’t plant cabbage again. They just aren’t worth the trouble or the space they require. The cabbage worms were taking over, and killing them breaks my heart. So today I pulled up the 8 cabbage plants. As it turns out, this was a good thing. We have one lovely tomatillo full of blooms. Unfortunately, tomatillos are not self pollinators. We didn’t know you have to plant at least two to produce fruit. Oops! So the newly freed up garden space is getting 2 tomatillos tomorrow morning thanks to our friends at Rich’s Greenhouse who still had one flat of them.

I have also learned that I really like growing lettuces, but struggle with the harvesting. The greens are so beautiful I hate to cut them! Yesterday though, we had a lovely salad straight from the garden. It included bibb and head lettuce as well as spinach.

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