Donkey Donkey


Yesterday, we headed to Custer State Park here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We took the Needles Highway to the Wildlife Loop, and ended with Iron Mountain Road. I’ve been to SD a number of times, but everything we did yesterday was new for me.
The Needles Highway scared me! The road is windy and narrow. But the Needles themselves are amazing. After the Needles, we started spotting deer on the Wildlife Loop. There were a lot of bucks! I am sure one of them was at least a ten pointer. We also saw several pronghorns. Oh my they are cute, especially when they are little. I was most anxious to see the donkeys though. We brought carrots for them as suggested by locals. I had no idea they were going to swarm the truck. These sweet things stand in the road so you can’t pass. When you roll down the window to take a photo, they walk over and stick their heads in the window. Donkeys like carrots very much. Forget wanting a pony. I want a donkey.
After the donkeys, we set out to find bison. Oh did we ever. We found a whole herd of them. They didn’t stick their heads in our truck, but they got close enough that we could have touched them. (We didn’t)
After the Wildlife Loop, we took Iron Mountain Road back to Keystone and saw beautiful views of Mount Rushmore. Iron Mountain Road is the most beautiful way to view the monument IMO.
Here’s a link to a whole batch of iPhone photos from the outing:

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