Camping with the Kelloggs


We spent the weekend dry camping in Allyson’s folks’ back yard. I love camping with the Kelloggs. First, there’s just this feeling of relaxation. I never feel pressured to do anything other than what I want to do. If I want to nap, that’s cool. If I want to hang out, we can do that too. Every time we camp, I learn more and more about Sean and Allyson, and like them more and more. Their kids are my favorite non-related niece and nephew.
We were in Chesaning, MI this weekend, right on the Shiawasee River. We loaded into pedal boats and proceeded to float on Saturday afternoon. Our two hour route took four hours. I saw an eagle (kinda), rescued Cassie from a leech, and laughed more than I have in some time.
On Sunday, Uncle Bill and I took Logan and Cassie for ice cream. Then, we came back to camp for some yummy food. My sweet pickles passed the taste test! We stayed up late, ate good, and slept in.
Today, I drove home-pulling the camper for the first time.
It was a fabulous weekend that I won’t soon forget. I love having camping buddies.

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