Dear Google, We Need to Talk

Years ago, mysweetwilliam told me that when a girlfriend said, “we need to talk” he knew the rest of that conversation was going to be painful. He said it was a sign of a relationship in trouble. I think he was right.

So, Google… We need to talk. I feel like we’ve gotten to a bad place in our relationship. I fell for you right away. You were so good at courting me. On one of our first dates, you opened my eyes to a better way to search the web. You began to woo me when I traded my Hotmail account for Gmail. Searching through archives was oh so easy. I began to dabble with the calendar, and started to think that we may be getting serious when I started using Google Docs. When you brought me iGoogle, I was hooked. I opened my browser and there was my hub of all the things that reminded me of you. My email, my docs, my calendar, my RSS feeds were all right there. I was home. It was lovely.

You introduced Google Wave, and I am not exaggerating when I say the possibilities brought me to tears. I stood before my screen and wept over how much you loved me. You were changing how email is done. When you decided to turn away from Wave, I was OK with it. I saw how the efforts were being used within Google and that made me happy. See, change isn’t so hard for me. I know our relationship will evolve over time. Actually, I imagined our relationship would grow; I dreamed we’d get closer over time.

Recently, you decided to take my home page away from me. iGoogle will be gone just a few months from now. No more will I be greeted with my emails, calendar, most recent documents, and the stream of my favorite blogs all in one place.


You see, that’s the problem. Rather than bringing me closer, you’re pushing me away. When Posterous announced its shutdown, I needed to make a choice about where my little life journal would live. Since you have been pushing me away, I decided Blogger might be next to be left out in the cold. I couldn’t trust you to commit to me. I chose WordPress.

A few days ago, I read that Google Reader will no longer be part of our life together. I know RSS hasn’t been widely adopted, but for those of us who use it, we use it with passion. I depend on it. I know there are alternatives, and I will use them. I’ll be fine. You and I aren’t fine though. I’ve been told not to worry, that there is “Google magic coming.” I know Google+ is your thing and you want me to use it. Your actions just seem to say you don’t care if I continue to be part of your world. Rather than drawing me closer to you, it seems you’re pushing me away. Me, the person who might actually buy Google Glass, you are pushing away. I just don’t get it.

What’s next? Now that I have convinced my friends, family, and colleagues to use my Google Voice number and had it printed on my business cards, I fear you will take that away too. And that’s why I am writing. Why are you trying to ruin our relationship? I am a tech savvy, early adopting, connected evangelist. I love you. Stop hurting me, please.

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