What Do You Carry?

There is a family camping near us with several boys. They’ve been here a couple of weeks now and mostly things have been quiet. One of the boys loves fishing. Bill has helped him with his tackle and given him some tips. He has shown the boys all of his ham radio stuff. They are sweet kids with obvious potential to be quite a handful. They’ve been polite with their sirs and ma’ams as is customary here. Generally, we’ve enjoyed them. We have encouraged them to come to the GPS Easter Egg hunt and I think they will.
Last night, things got a little noisy. To be polite, I’ll just say that alcohol brings out the worst in people. The boys, at least one, was still awake when the yelling was at full force. It left both Bill and me uneasy. For me, it was a reminder of all the things kids carry to school with them. Sure they have their books and markers, pencils and paper. A lot of them carry baggage we know about, but so many more carry a load to school that we don’t see. We see the misbehavior or lack of attentiveness and sometimes miss the heavy load these children brought from home. Today, I am sad that there are kids who carry too much with them to school, but thankful for the reminder to be kinder and more understanding.

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