GPS Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the GPS Easter egg hunt at Lake Greenwood State Park. It rained. It was cold. Nearly 30 people showed up anyway. Geocachers are hard core. I was simply amazed. When the first person arrived, I thought, “great!” When 25 set out I realized just how much passion geocachers have. They are all like my friend Mark. That’s pretty terrific!
After the crowd left and we got out of our wet clothes, Dylan, John John, an Ty each stopped by the camper to ask when the egg hunt was. I cannot begin to tell you how these boys have worked their way into my heart. So, out we went to go pick up the eggs. We gathered 15 of the 25 before they had enough for the day. I snapped a photo as they had just found one by the beach. These are rambunctious boys, but they sure did a good job of taking turns with each other and minding me. They’ve already asked if they can get the rest tomorrow.


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