May 6, 2014: Big Bexar Goes to the Doctor

Big Bexar

Our sweet boy had to go to the Dr. this morning. Fortunately he should be just fine with insulin injections every 12 hours. He is already feeling better. I know that we probably have many more years of joy with him.  Still, he is precious to us. We are not prepared for a future without Big Bexar Super Buddy.

Maiden Voyage


We headed south this morning for our maiden voyage in the new camper. We stopped in Corbin, KY for the night. It’s A Wonderful Life is on TV, a “fire” is in the fireplace, and a sweet puppy is resting his head on me. Life is good.
Tomorrow, we’ll move on to Greenwood and the state park. I’m excited to get set up!

Suspicious Minds


Big Bexar Super Buddy knows something is up. He might look like he is just casually laying with his head on a pillow, but really he’s watching me pack. I think my little makeup bag looks just the right size for treats. He’s watching just in case the mascara turns into meat.
Today was my first day back to work. Tomorrow I fly to Chicago. It’s a slow start; last year I flew on my first day back. 😉